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What is Chiropractic Medicine?

Chiropractic medicine is a field of specialty which focuses on addressing the whole body comprehensively. The field operates under the belief that self-healing and self-sustaining actions can be stimulated in the human body and that the body is fully capable of healing itself. The brain and spinal cord as well as a vast system of nerves make up the central nervous system, CNS, and control functions throughout the body. When the system is not working properly the entire body suffers. Chiropractors treat soft and hard tissues issues including joint pain, sciatica pain, and spinal alignment issues as well as treating headaches, allergies, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and so much more.

Are Medications Usually Used?

When treating patients, Dr. Chad does not usually use medications. These can be a temporary solution for symptoms. However, in chiropractic medicine doctors believe that a combination of nutrition, supplements, and manipulation techniques can work in conjunction to treat a person and address the root cause of the health problem. A variety of oils may also be used for helping certain conditions such as circulation and headaches.

What Will a Chiropractic Consultation Be Like?

During the initial visit to Advanced Corrective Chiropractic, Dr. Chad will begin by collecting a detailed medical and family history from you. He will also ask about your symptoms and any discomfort that is occurring. Dr. Chad will want to know when the pain started, where it is located, what it feels like, if it accompanied an injury, and what makes the pain worse or better. Next he'll conduct a physical exam. Here he will test your range of motion, look at muscle tone and strength, and examine neurological integrity. Depending on the symptoms and condition present, you may be asked to move in certain ways, stand in a particular manner, and Dr. Chad may manipulate the body part. X-rays will be taken. This information helps to diagnose the issue and decide on a treatment plan.


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