Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Q & A

How Does a Sports Injury Usually Occur?

The main causes of a sports-related injury are impacts to the body, repetitive motions, failure to warm up, and over-training. This causes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the body to become injured because they are subjected to a great force which bruises and damages them or because they are over-stretched and can tear.

Advanced Corrective Chiropractic Sport Injury

What Can a Chiropractor Do for a Sports Injury?

Athletes and active persons often experience injuries associated with running, tackling, and jumping. These activities can put the body under more strain than usual. This frequently results in tears, strain, and sprains. Dr. Chad can help patients when they have suffered these injuries. He can also teach patients how to avoid them. Chiropractors typically treat injuries to the shoulder, knee, back, neck, and ankle. Using manual manipulation, Dr. Chad can ensure that the bones within the body are in proper alignment and this can relieve tension throughout the body. This also helps to relieve pain in the joints and can help the injuries heal quicker.

What Happens During a Manual Manipulation?

Dr. Chad will begin by assessing your health and the injury itself. He will look at your spine, posture, and balance. Then he will examine your back, extremities, ligaments, joints, and tendons. This information helps to determine what exact treatment to use. During the manipulation, Dr. Chad will put you in different positions and use manual impulse on the affected joint. This helps to relieve pressure in the joint and helps the muscles and joints to work together as they should. This can cause audible cracking noises known as cavitation. This is the release of gas which occurs as the joint opens up and motion is brought back to the area. Spinal mobilization can be used for patients which require a more gentle approach and uses simple stretches and tools to release pressure.


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